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ActiMeat combines expertise and innovation by deploying its R&D to study your requests and make proposals.

Egrené de boeuf - grossiste PAI ActiMeat

The products developed by ActiMeat according to your specifications are manufactured from raw materials that guarantee control of the composition
(protein, fat, moisture and collagen content). 

We have various sources of meat (beef, veal, etc.) and vegetable (wheat, peas, soya) proteins and our ingredients will form the basis for your finished products.
Discover our different skills.

Raw meat 

Blending controlled raw materials (texture, flavour…) for your satisfaction and that of the final consumer.

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

Plain and prepared cooked meat 

Exclusive full-belt baking process guarantees incomparable flavours and textures for your preparations.

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat

innovation in meat and cooked vegetables

Vegetables browned and cooked in the meat juices for a unique recipe that adds taste to your dishes

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat


Respond to new market trends with plant-based ingredients in the form of mince, meatballs and patties to offer innovative recipes.

Grossiste PAI industriel - ActiMeat